Black Belt Leadership Academy was founded by Sensei Mark Weinberg in 2003 with the idea of creating a place where everyone could learn martial arts and grow into stronger and more confident versions of themselves through martial arts and self-defense techniques. Black Belt Leadership Academy focuses on giving every individual, regardless of age, skill level, or physical ability, the support, direction, and motivation to push themselves towards their best mental, physical, and emotional selves.

Guided by their extensive training and experience, the staff at Black Belt Leadership Academy pushes every student to be their very best, providing individualized challenges and attainable benchmarks for each student through a challenging and diverse curriculum. Every class focuses on reinforcing the traditions of respect and discipline while taking into account current theory on developmental learning.

Everyone from the age of 4 and up is welcome to come in and watch one of our classes or, better yet, contact us through our website, or by phone at 414-258-4111 to schedule an orientation to our program.


Contact us with questions on classes, programs, special events, birthday rentals and more.


Little Ninjas

A program specifically designed for our 4 and 5 year old kickers.

Youth Program

Teaching the basics of respect and discipline through the martial arts.

Teen/Adult Programs

 Focusing on technique and application, each class creates a supportive atmosphere for every student.


An ancient weapon system based around four weapons: bo, sai, tonfa, and nunchaku.


Black Belt Leadership Academy is a multi-use, functional space ideal for large events, gatherings, or parties. Contact us at 414-258-4111 or email for more information.

Birthday Parties:

Looking for an idea for a Birthday Party? Look no further! BBLA offers birthday parties for ages 4 and up. We have three packages that ensure your child’s day is fun, educational, and completely awesome! Each package includes 90 minutes of karate games and activities with time built in to eat, open presents, and play with friends. Don’t worry about the invitations, we’ll make them for you and we’ll handle all the clean-up!

Basic: 90 minute session of karate games and activities. $199.00

Black Belt Team: 90 Minute Session of karate games and activities and we supply the cake and drinks. $240.00

Masters Team: 90 Minutes session of karate games and activities and we supply the cake, drinks, a karate gift AND a 6-class package to all participants to use as party favors.  $300.00

Give us a call at 414-258-4111 or send us an email to kick your birthday party plans to the next level!