Terrific Ten Warm-Ups

Terrific Ten

Use your own “Terrific Ten” sheet to practice your warm-ups at home on days you can’t come to class!


Graduation & Stripe Questions?

Promotion Procedures

Check out our “Promotion Procedures” for a detailed explanation on how striping and graduations work!


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Stance Set

At the end of graduation, your students will be reciting the “Stance Set”. Here it is for a reminder!

Relaxed Stance
Attention Stance – what does it stand for?
       Focus and control, Sir!
Chum-bi – what does it stand for?
       Ready to take action, Sir!
Interview Stance – what does it stand for?
       Think before you act, Sir!
Defensive Stance – what does it stand for?
       Give 110%, Sir!
Practice Stance – what does it stand for?
       Never, ever, ever, quit, Sir!
Attention and Salute – what does it stand for?
       Courtesy and respect, Sir!

Nunchaku 7-Count

  1. Cross
  2. Up
  3. Down
  4. Up
  5. Diagonal
  6. Cross
  7. Up and catch

Rotation Combinations

Can’t remember your combinations? That’s ok. We have them right here for you! Just click on the link and start practicing.

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