Practice in the martial arts builds physical and mental strength and confidence while it develops personal responsibility and growth. Black Belt Leadership Academy’s unique blend of martial arts and life skills training maximizes the potential for leadership and success for students of any age.

Black Belt Leadership Academy offers martial arts programs for ages 4 to Adult.

Little Ninjas

The Little Ninjas Program is a class designed specifically for the needs of your 4 and 5-year-olds. It challenges our younger kickers in a way that maximizes their potential while still making class a whole lot of fun. Each week we work on a different skill-set, and through this process, we work on short term goals and reinforcing the lessons that will help your child learn the skills necessary for success at home, at school, and on the playground. Each class utilizes a Huddle Discussion to develop tools they can use to avoid difficulties and handle age-appropriate problems. ​

Youth Program

All of our youth programs use martial arts training to develop self-confidence and self-discipline along with fitness and endurance. Our program combines the traditions of martial arts with an emphasis on discipline, respect, and focus with current ideas of teaching, education, and creating a habit of success. Each class students participate in Huddle Discussion geared around attitude, goal setting, confidence and safety issues such as stranger awareness, conflict avoidance, and boundary setting. 

Teen and Adult

Our Teen and Adult program creates a fun, supportive atmosphere that pushes the individual to new heights while also building a supportive community. Each class focuses on techniques and application through a variety of different drills and activities. Class isn’t just about learning techniques by rote, it’s about creating a space for success, and helping each individual attain their personal best.


Kobudo is an ancient martial art that is focused on four main weapons. The curriculum is built around each of these, and the student learns the traditional Yamashita Style Kobudo. Kobudo is less physically demanding than our karate program, focusing less on jumping and spinning, and more on being grounded and moving with power and precision. It’s a different type of martial art that can appeal to a slightly older age group.  ​

Black Belt Team

Black Belt is the goal, but it’s not the end. Each student that earns their black belt with us has the opportunity to continue train in our Master’s Team. There, every student works on further developing their skills through a challenging curriculum that explores advanced self-defense, complex forms, and an introduction to weapons.