Practice in the martial arts builds physical and mental strength and confidence while it develops personal responsibility and growth. Black Belt Leadership Academy’s unique blend of martial arts and life skills training maximizes the potential for leadership and success for students of any age.

Black Belt Leadership Academy offers martial arts programs for ages 4 to Adult.

ProgramAge Group
Little Ninjas4-5 year olds - All belt levels
BasicAges 6 years and Older
Black Belt TeamGreen Belts and above
KandoBlack Belt Team students - all ages, all belt levels
Teen and AdultAll levels
SparringPurple Belt and above 6-12 year olds; all adults
CandidatesInvited students training for their Black Belt Test
Masters Team Black Belts Only
Speciality TeamsCompetition Team, Demonstration Team, Academic Achievement Team
Off-site and Community Programs Including cardio and fitness training, self-defense programs, and martial arts classes.
Kobudo ProgramA Okinowan martial art that utilizes weapons

The LITTLE NINJAS program for 4 and 5 year olds

The LITTLE NINJAS curriculum teaches martial arts techniques at a pace appropriate to younger students in a way that is designed to maximize the potential of 4-5 year olds. Our program uses fun activities and positive reinforcement to help your child learn skills necessary for success at home, in school, and on the playground.

One of the most important ways that we foster self-confidence, self-discipline, and the positive attitude that will enable your child to succeed is to help them develop a Habit of Success through activities which center on focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, and coordination skills.

During interactive “huddle discussions” we will help your child develop tools they can use to avoid difficulties and handle age appropriate problems. Safety is the first line of self-defense. Huddle discussion topics will include first aid, health, home safety, fire safety, traffic safety, and stranger awareness.

The BASIC program for 6 -12 Year Olds

The BASIC program uses martial arts training to help children, teens, and adults alike develop fitness and endurance, self-confidence and self-discipline, as well as self-defense skills. Our program combines the great tradition of martial arts with its emphasis on discipline, respect, physical and mental mastery with more recent knowledge about learning styles and the benefits of a positive “habit of success.”

Students will participate in interactive “huddle discussions” about attitude, confidence, and good habits as well as safety issues such as stranger awareness, boundary setting, and conflict avoidance.

Teen and Adult Program

Fitness and safety remain central goals, while older students study martial arts techniques in classes that are longer and more aerobic, and provide challenges appropriate to their ages and abilities. Self-confidence and self-determination increase as students move up in rank and discover focus, control and power in themselves with the support of other students and instructors.

The Black Belt Team

When students join the Black Belt Team, they make a commitment to the goal of Black Belt Leadership. Black Belt Team training includes a more challenging and extensive curriculum, weapons training, point sparring, advanced self-defense and a variety of additional activities and seminars.

Younger students participate in interactive “huddle discussions” about leadership, goal setting, commitment, confidence, responsibility, and integrity. Teens and adults continue to develop endurance and fitness, self-defense skills, and learn more complex martial arts combinations. All students are inspired to reach for a higher standard of excellence and to become positive examples for others.

Masters Team Program

The Masters Team Program provides training necessary to earn a 2nd Degree Black Belt and beyond.

Earning a Black Belt is not an end, but a beginning – an opportunity to approach all you do as a Black Belt leader, and to take on new challenges. One of the most exciting opportunities for growth for Black Belt Leadership Academy Black Belt Leaders is the Masters Team Program. The program includes exciting approaches to both new and traditional material, while retaining the Black Belt Leadership Academy

Kobudo Program DSC00745

Kobudo is an ancient martial art with roots in Okinawa. It is related to karate, but instead of kicks and punches, relies on the use of four primary weapons: Bo, Sai, Tonfa, and Nunchaku. Throughout the program students will learn forms, self-defense, and weapon defenses as well as each weapon’s distinct style.

Kobudo and Karate share common roots. The practice of one can only improve the skills in the other. But, Kobudo is also a great stand-alone program that offers a wonderful opportunity to learn a challenging and fulfilling traditional martial art.

Speciality Teams:

Competition TeamCompetition Team: Students who wish to compete at tournaments receive extra help learning tournament etiquette, polishing their forms and sparring technique, and organizing teams.

Academic Achievement Team: Students who do well at school receive recognition through patches.

Off Site and Community Programs:

The Black Belt Leadership Academy offers a variety of programs for all ages at your location or ours. These programs enhance self-confidence, self-discipline, focus, fitness, safety, and self-defense. They include:

  • Cardio and resistance band training to enhance fitness, endurance, cardio-vascular health, and appearance.
  • Self-defense programs to enhance safety and self-confidence.
  • Interactive seminars to promote positive health and wellness choices.
  • Basic martial arts classes to introduce families to the benefits of martial arts training.

In addition we offer fun and active confidence and safety programs to scouts, athletic teams, and students at area schools. And just for fun, we host Birthday Parties during which we supply everything except the guests.

Contact our office for additional information or to schedule your program.

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